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December 2016
What a great evening we had with Mark Baker. He was able to give help and ideas to both our “experts” and our less experienced turners. He showed us the basics of bowl turning and then gave us a lot of ideas for decoration including how to put some feet on a bowl and also how to put a lot of small beads on the outside of a bowl using a coarse thread chasing tool. Now why didn’t I think of that? No matter how many times we have Mark he always has different things to show us.

January 2017
Terry Smart gave us a really informative evening on finishes and how to use them. He explained the composition of all the popular finishes and told us that we should consider the type of finish to use when first thinking about the design and. He also pointed out that the cutting of the tools and sanding were significant for the final finish. He pointed out that the use of a buffing agent would help to give the final high level of finish. He told us about oil finishes but said that the time for each coat to cure made it impossible to demonstrate at a club evening. The comprehensive Chestnut shop was available for members.

May 2017
Shaun Clifford showed us how to take a chunk of wood not fully seasoned and turn it into a really nice natural edge bowl. It really showed that the the wood can look a thing of beauty when worked on by a turner with vision. A very nice evening Shaun.

May 2017
Chris and Rita Norton gave us an excellent demonstration of both turning and colouring fruit. Chris made the turning look easy and showed how to make the top and bottom of the fruit look very realistic. Rita then made the woody fruit look very real. Thank you both for a super evening.

July 2017
Roger Foden showed us that a disability in no way stops an expert turner making superb pieces. He made  a very special heart shaped  bowl. He explained his techniques in detail and finished with a superb item. I think we all admired how he was able to cope so very well. Thank you very much Roger.


September 2017
One of our members Neil Cowen was brave enough to give his first ever demonstration to us this evening. I still remember my first demonstration many years ago and it is a very worrying experience. However Neil spent the evening showing us how he makes rolling pins. This may seem to be a very simple task but Neil added his special way by cutting different wood into special shapes and then bonding them together to make a very attractive rolling pin. He found that woodturners can be very forgiving if things go just a little bit wrong. Well done Neil.


Carlyn Lindsey showed us some of the techniques used to produce her laminated work. She pointed out how precise the preparation of the individual  pieces must be to achieve the exactness of her designs when assembled. Her attention to detail made us all think twice about the way we work on our own pieces. Thank you Lyndsey.

March 2018

Tony Walton spend an evening showing hollowing techniques and various decoration ideas. He made a very small hollow form which enabled him to demonstrate the use of various tools without boring us with too much time out of sight inside. He then decorated the outside and did further decoration on the outside of a small lidded box. Thank you Tony.