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April 2018

Once again we welcomed Andy Coates to our club. Andy started by showing the process of making the most lifelike raindrops on a flat piece of wood. He was not able to take it to completion as it takes a long while to develop. He then gave us lots of hints and tips about turning a platter. He then finished with a small natural edge conical hollow form.

Andy presents his activities so clearly and precisely that we all learned many different cuts which I am sure will inspire members to try out.

May 2018
Paul Howard yet again impressed us with his project using two special jigs. He promised that he would make a nut and bolt box, yes a box to put things in. He showed us how easy it is to make a threaded lid provided that great care is taken to set the jig up. He then showed us how to make a square headed nut and bolt using his router jig. The result was really impressive. Thank you Paul.

June 2018

It was great to see Bob Riches back demonstrating for us he gave us a very interesting evening He showed some of his favourite tools and how he uses them and gave us some very good ideas on how to do a set of beads on two pieces of work. He also showed us a plate which he had made with a decorated rim and he had decided that it was not really OK. How nice it is to see things that have been tried and don’t quite work, I am sure that all of us have tried things and ended up chucking them in the bin. It happens to even the most experienced turners, how do we learn if we don’t try? Thank you Bob.

July 2018

Peter Nicholls gave us a very interesting evening showing us how to best deal with lumps of wood both green and seasoned. He said that when we get a new piece of wood it is best to decide the sort of thing that it may be used for ie bowls, plates or spindles and do the initial processing as soon as possible. Typically if it is a log which would make a good bowl then it is a good idea to at least roughly halve it and if green to seal the ends. He showed us a cross section of a log and showed the different cuts which might be useful. He also showed how to deal with Burrs. He made a baton and showed how to make a beaded handle.

December 2018
Tick Challiss gave us a fascinating demonstration of her  Pyrography and decoration techniques. Her  presentation of how she did her work contained a lot of detail  without taking to much time. This enabled her to show much more than we had anticipated. I am sure that she will have encouraged more of us to have a go. Very well done Tick.
(note that the turning of the owls was done by Paul Howard

January 2019

Neil Cowen Started this year by showing us how he made a small three legged stool. He first showed how he made the top with holes on the underside set at 120 degrees and a slight angle. He then went on to show us the making if one leg and challenged anyone carry on to make the second leg. As expected no one would take on the challenge. For one who had done only a couple of demonstrations before he did well. Thank you Neil.

March 2019

Bob Riches gave us an interesting evening showing us a number of techniques using two wooden off centre jigs. These were the sort of jigs which most of us could make ourselves. He made a ladies off centre pendant complete with a hanger which could be attached in two ways.

April 2019

Tony Walton made us get our magnifying glasses out by demonstrating a number of miniature and subminiature pieces. He showed us how good tool control was needed to produce such pieces. His first piece was a little 6cm pedestal dish made from a small piece of burr and leaving the natural edge. He showed how to make a little toadstool. Next came smaller goblet with a captive ring and a goblet with a spiral stem.  He then ended up by making one which he had difficulty in seeing himself.

May 2019

Carlyn Lyndsey Showed us how to make a small decorative scoop using laminated wood. This may sound simple but to get the patterns balanced she had to be very careful with the positions the thickness and the gluing of the layers also the accuracy of the chucking. There was also a point where the handle was running off centre and some care was needed to keep fingers out of the way. The final product looked great. She also brought some of her other magnificent pieces to show us. Thank you Carlyn.

July 2019
Roger Foden spent an evening with us and showed how to make a heart shaped dish. He started with a piece of wood that he had cut on his band saw into the shape of a heart. This was mounted on the lathe and the bottom was turned so that the overlap outside the round was given the right shape and then the dish part was turned with a mounting point to reverse the piece. When reversed the heart shaped overlap was turned to give a thin matching shape to the bottom. Then the dish shape was formed. This whole piece was only successful by very accurate and delicate turning. Well done Roger.

August 2019

Neil Cowen showed us how to make a nutcracker in a hollow ball. This required some complicated work including a threaded plunger which screwed into the ball the plunger caused a bit of a problem as the partially made plunger came apart as the threading progressed. But Neil overcame this and all was completed. He is not alone we all have problems from time to time when demonstrating. The final piece looked great. Well Done Neil.

September 2019

Shaun Clifford gave us an interesting demonstration showing how to make a cup with handle out of one piece of wood. He had the misfortune to find a hidden crack in the wood towards the end of this project (he is not alone) However he got to the point where with a little more explanation he was able to let us know exactly how it was done. He is not alone in finding such cracks. He was able to follow up with a very nice tea light holder made from a piece of branch.